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APAAR I’d card,One Nation One student||Full form, APAAR I’d benefits

The Ministry of Education and the Government of India have launched the APAAR ID Card.In this Article We will disscus about APAAR I’d card,One Nation One student ID card.So Kindly read our full article to know more about it.



What is APAAR ID for Students?Full form

This initiative is aligned with NEP 2020’s “One Nation, One Student ID” program.The APAAR I’d card also known as the ‘One Nation One Student ID Card,’ is a special identification card created by the Ministry of Education and the Government of India. Main purpose of it is to give each school student in India a unique identification number.

The government of India is set to put into action a unique identification number for each students in both private and government schools, which will be called the Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry (APAAR) ID.

The APAAR is a lifelong ID number that tracks students’ academic journey and achievements, progresses and makes transfer from one school to another easier. The schools and colleges will give this card to each student enrolled from pre-primary to higher education. The APAAR card will be in addition to the already existing Aadhaar ID of the students.The students may download the APAAR card after doing the APAAR card registration. The APAAR card will contain the unique twelve(12)digit APAAR number, a unique identification number.

The process of APAAR ID registration online is given below:

  • Visit the Academic bank of credits(ABC bank) Website 
  • After browsing the website You need to click on the lon in option.
  • When you click there,You can see  student option.
  • After clicking on the student,You will go to another website name Meri Pehchaan.
  • In the meri pehchaan website You can see Sign up option.
Apaar card
Source: website

If you follow the meri pehchaan website, You can complete whole registration process.

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