Best Things To Buy In Dubai


Best Things To Buy In Dubai||10 best things in Dubai

There is a lot of things to buy in Dubai. Today we have decided our best picks and these are 10 souvenirs that you should bring back from Dubai. This list of best things to buy in Dubai will help you choose the best thing when coming back from Dubai.

List of Best Things To Buy In Dubai

1.Aladdin Lamps:Fairy Tale Lovers

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These brass lamps  are one of the best things to get from Dubai. If you are looking for something to gift a loved one then these Aladdin Lamps would be unique and perfect. If you are wondering where you can find these lamps then Karma Souq and Al-Karama Market are the unique markets in Dubai. It is particularly one of the best things to buy from Dubai. Price Range: INR 500 – 8,500

2.Lanterns: Light Up

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If you are searching for what to buy in Dubai, then you must really consider lanterns.A lantern(light up)with small bits of glass woven onto it would be an ideal surprises gift and would make anyone happy and feel special.If you want to purchase you should go to Dragon Mart, Al Awir Road, Dubai 7567,UAE; Karama Souk, Street No. 18b, Dubai.Price Range: INR 1,000 to 5,000

3.Camel Milk Chocolate the Sweet Tooth

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The Camel Milk Chocolates are one of the most incredible delicious things to get from Dubai. Initially, Camel milk chocolates could be found in Dubai only but nowadays they are being exported to Europe and other Asian countries. Al Nassma camel milk chocolate has a lot of varieties including whole milk, macadamiya, and spiced (Arabia) chocolates.

Where To purchase: Al Nassma at dubai mall, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and Duty-free shops

4.Lucky Stones> Build Your Luck

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Based on your month of birth, the lucky stones are usually placed in gold, silver, and platinum rings or pendants.It is considered that these stones bring good luck. It is customizable and comes in many designs and everyone will be lured into purchasing it. Arabian designs are one of most unique and very pretty. These are also very popular during the Dubai shopping festival.

Where you can buy

Pearlicious in Covent Garden, Dubai Marina; Gold and Diamond Park, Office No. 213, Building No 4, 4th Interchange, Sheik Zayed Road, United Arab Emirates(UAE)

Price Range: INR 3,000 to 10,000

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