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In this blog We have shared Gadar 2 movie Review.Gadar 2 directed by Anil Sharma and written by Shaktiman Talwar.

Star Cast: Sunny Deol, Utkarsh Sharma, Ameesha Patel, Manish Wadhwa, Simrat Kaur

Gadar 2 movie Review

Duration: 170 mins

Available in : Theatre

In 1971, India and Pakistan are on the brink of war, and Tara Singh (Sunny Deol) still hasn’t tried anger management therapy. Inspired by his rage, the screen is yelling at us now – the director’s credit (A.Shsrma) and the title of the film (Gadar 2: The Katha Continues) is so emphatic that it threatens to uproot us like a stray hand-pump. The man seems to raise his voice even when he isn’t saying anything.

Tara Singh (Sunny Deol) and Sakina’s (Ameesha Patel) son, Jeetey (Utkarsh Sharma), falls in love with a Pakistani girl, Muskaan (Simrat Kaur), whom he meets in the neighbouring country. But before his love story can blossom, Jeetey is held captive by the Pakistani army. Tara Singh swears to free his son from the Pakistanis. But his mission is not easy because Tara Singh’s hostility with the Pakistanis is bitter and dates back to when he had fallen in love with Sakina from Pakistan.

Shaktimaan Talwar has penned a story that may be routine but he has filled it with so much of patriotic passion that the masses will go bonkers. His scenario is fast-paced except for about half an hour in the first half when Tara Singh goes missing. While the audience misses Tara Singh(Sunny Deol )when he is not around in the first half, the other characters keep talking about and mentioning him, thereby almost making the viewers feel his presence. The second half is fantastic and replete with action and hamper, besides, of course, patriotic dialogues.

The Pakistan-bashing will be loved by every Indian, and those scenes will evoke cheers, claps, whistles and immense participation. The post-interval portion may be lengthy but the audience won’t complain if only because there are plenty of Pakistan-bashing and India-glorifying scenes. Tara Singh’s hand pump scene is outstanding. His action scene, in which he uproots something else (not a hand pump), will bring the house down. It must be added here that the weak-hearted will cry tears of joy in several scenes — both, family-oriented and patriotic ones. Shaktimaan Talwar’s dialogues are brilliant and full of Indian sentiments. They will be met with thunderous applause on at least 15 occasions!!!!

Sunny Deol is simply excellent in the role of Tara Singh. He mesmerises the audience every single time he comes on the scene. He is, of course, first-rate in action scenes in which he breathes fire. But he also shines in emotional and other scenes. It would not be an overstatement to say that he is the life of the film. Utkarsh Sharma does well as Jeetey. Simrat Kaur looks pretty as Muskaan. Her acting is good. Manish Wadhwa spells terror as Hamid Iqbal. He lives the role. Ameesha Patel lends fine support as Sakina. Gaurav Chopra has his moments as Col. Rawat. Mushtaq Khan is endearing as Gulkhan. Ehsan Khan makes his presence felt as Abdul Ali. Madhumalti Kapoor (as Taayi), Rakesh Bedi (as Kimtilal), Dolly Bindra (as Gulkhan’s wife), Mushtaq Kak (as Qurban), Nilofar Gesawat (as Qurban’s wife), Akash Dhar (as Major Bhargav), Manoj Bakshi (as Yahya Khan), Annie Sikho (as Hamid Iqbal’s wife), Rajesh Khera (as Col. Nazeer) and Lubna Salim (as Pakistani mausi) lend excellent support. Luv Sinha (as Farid), Aaditya Sharma (as Imtehaan), Sanjay Mehendirata (as Brigadier Arora), Anamkia Singh (as Fauziya), Shaan Kakkar (as Pooran), Akshay Arora (as Ranjit), Abrar Zahoor (as Anwar), Anil George (as Qazi), Puran Kiri (as Sultanbhai), Arjun Dwivedi (as the jailor), Rohit Chaudhary (as Major Malik), Adishesh (as Shoeb), Bhakti Rathod (as Noor Jahan), Aarya Sharma (as Gen. Rani), Ali Khan (as Wali Mohammad), Mushtaq Naika (as Mukhtiyaar), Mir Sarwar (as Brig. Salim), Rumi Khan (as Col. Farooqui), Muneesh Sappal (as the minister), and the others provide decent support.

Gadar 2 movie Review

Anil Sharma’s direction is extraordinary. Although he sticks to the tried and tested style of narration, he caters so completely to the masses that they will give the film all the love. His emotional touches on several occasions in the drama are praiseworthy. Mithoon’s music is melodious but not hit. Sayeed Quadri’s lyrics are appealing. The old songs from Gadar Ek Prem Katha, repeated in the film, have tremendous musical and nostalgic value. Shabina Khan’s choreography is average. Monty Sharma deserves distinction marks for a mind-blowing background score which serves to heighten the impact of the drama. Najeeb Khan does a swell job of the camerawork. Ravi Verma, Sham Kaushal, Abbas Ali Moghul and Tinnu Verma deserve kudos for their absolutely thrilling and exciting action and stunt scenes. Muneesh Sappal’s production designing is fantastic.Dear friends You have no doubt about it that Gadar 2 movie Review fantastic

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Dear friends You have no doubt about it that Gadar 2 movie Review fantastic

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