How to improve memory and concentration


Tips to improve memory and concentration||what is memory power?What is concentration?

Today we will discuss how to improve memory and concentration. To know about these, first of all,you need to know what is memory power.

What’s Memory Power??

Memory Power is the ability to retain information and recall it whenever needed.A strong memory Power depends on the health and vitality of your Brain.

Concentration is the capability of focusing on something or someone without getting distracted. Concentration are different for different people and power of concentration depends on the speed of re-calling things and directing one’s attention to a single thing.

Concentration also depends on the memory power of a person.If you want to improve memory Power, you need to improve your concentration power.


Tips to Improve Memory and Concentration power

  • Good food habits
  • Recall and repeat
  • Learn something new or awesome things
  • Do meditation
  • Learning to focus or avoid monkey mindset

Avoid using following foods

Avoid using such food as like as potato chips, wafers, burgers, etc. These types of food damages your brain.Avoid always cheese, salt, fried foods, high red meat, sugar, and any kind of processed food. Eat freshly cooked food each and every day.

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