Summer Season its my Favourite Season


Summer season is favourite  for someone because everything is bright and lovely.Even the fruits and vegetables we take are so  colourfull  it makes a good sight for sore ayes.all are students get summer vacation  in summer season and then school are closed .some students go to his/ her grant mother in low .some are go to in the zoo . actually  school going children love summers even more and relax summer are warm ,sunny and delightful.

1/i like summer but it is during this season

2/it is nice to play in the evenings

3/ we waer comfortable ,light-coloured cotton clothes in the summer.

4/my mom gives us old drinks to beat the heat .

5/ it is the season of many fresh fruite and vegetable

in soite of the heat people enjoy summer season by eating mangoes ,cucumber,papayas,watermelons etc  to fight high temperatures.all children joy the summer vacation with their friends and family and visit many places.

most of the children visit their maternal uncle’s  place and  joy with their cousins .the waether is hot, humid and dry during rhis season,and temperature can rise extremely high in certain place ,as the Earth tilts itself towards the sun

the sun shines brightly in summer ,this season . this season is suitable for farmers to prepare for cultivation.and we get many seasonnal fruits and vagetables.


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