Components of Food


What are the components of Food?

Have you ever try to know why we consume defferent food items in a meals? What are the components of food?

Whatever food we eat is made up of more than one component taken from plants or animals.

Food should contain such type of component which provides nourishment to our body and should be responsible for growth and development of our body.

These Components are called nutrients.

Energy giving nutrients: Carbohydrates and Fat

Body building nutrients: Protein

Nutrients Protect body from disease: Vitamins

Nutrients needed for growth and maintenance: Minerals

Components of Food, carbohydrates proteins
Sources:Food Navigator

Carbohydrates containing food items

Proteins containing food items

What Do Various Nutrients Do For Our Body?

1. Nutrients play an essential role in determining the health of our bodies.

These nutrients are used up during the process of nutrition by each cell in our body to carry out its basic functionality.

2. Fats provide more energy to our body compared to carbohydrates.

3. Proteins are bodybuilding foods.

4. Vitamins help our body fight against diseases and illness and also help to keep our eyes, gums, and bones in a healthy shape.

There are different kinds of vitamins such as Vitamin A, B com C, D. E,H, K etc. Vitamin C protects our body against diseases.

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