What are Carbohydrates ?


Do you know about Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates is the main component of food.It provides us energy in the form of glucose.

Carbohydrates found in starch and Suger containing food items.For example: Potato, rice, bread, sugery drinks like fruit juices,wheat etc.

Originally the term carbohydrate is being used to describe compounds that were literally Carbohydrate because they have the empirical formula CH2O.  Such aldehydes and ketones are now known as polyhydroxy. Cellulose, starch, and glycogen are among the compounds that belong to this family.

In recent years, in many consumer products, sucrose has been replaced with corn syrup, which is obtained when the polysaccharides in cornstarch are broken down. Corn syrup is primarily glucose which is as sweet as sucrose only about 70 per cent.

Sources of Carbohydrates
Photo credit: MedlinePlus(https://medlineplus.gov/carbohydrates.html)

Examples of Carbohydrates

Here are a few examples of where You will find the most carbs:

1. Dairy Products : Yogurt, Milk, Ice cream

2. Fruits : Fruit juice or Whole fruit

3. Grains : Cereal, Bread, Wheat, Rice

4. Legumes : Plant-based proteins, Beans

5. Starchy Vegetables : Corn, Potatoes

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